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65.00 LBS


Our only 'in stock' 3D printer at this time is the 'Original Prusa i3 MK3'

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From November 01st to December 31st all RoVa3D FDM printers will come with free shipping within North America and 5 free filament spools.  That is a savings of $450 USD!  Don’t delay—limited RoVa3D printer quantity left.  When they’re gone—they’re gone!! Rova 3D is definitely one of the more affordable 3d printer out there today.

 *orders outside of North America will receive a $150 USD shipping credit.


Dual Paste Extruders PLUS Dual Filament Extruders - $2650 USD


Each printer will come with:

  • Pack of 5 tubes
  • Pack of 5 syringes
  • Syringe heater x 2
  • Tubing heater x 2
  • Bed clips (4)
  • 1 pack of syringe tips (10 of each size .25/.58/1.6mm)
  • 1 pack syringe fittings (adapters caps etc)
  • Syringe caulking tube adapter x 2
  • Caulking tube nozzle adapter (piece that threads onto the caulking tube) x 2
  • Caulking tube bracket x 2
  • Stainless Steel removable baking sheet


Using a new powerful extrusion technology the RoVaPaste 3D FDM printer can print almost any material that is available in a liquid or paste.  Normally 3D printers are limited to plastics that are hard and inflexible, but with this printer you can print in soft and flexible materials or materials that will harden into a solid structure as they cure.  Now you can print with any material that can be put in a syringe. The RoVaPaste can handle pastes that are highly rubbery and flexible, glues and adhesives for bonding, sealing and insulating. This opens the door to making custom gaskets, molds for casting metals like zinc and aluminum, precision dispensing, and food 3D printing.  The RoVaPaste is the first dual extrusion paste printer in the world! It is also the first 3D Printer that can print with regular filaments and paste interchangeably. We’ve taken the same robust construction of the RoVa3D and added the paste extrusion functionality. 

It’s true that there are other add-on paste extruders but who wants to have to hack their expensive 3D printers to add on paste extrusion, and possibly void their warranty - when you can have a fully assembled and ready to print out of the box printer? Our machine is built to last. It comes fully assembled with an industry leading warranty.

Who can use Paste 3D printing?

Anyone who needs a broader range of materials. Cake and cupcake decorators, contractors that need custom gaskets, scientists and educators that want to experiment with materials. Machinists, prototypers, and inventors that need to make metal parts can use this machine to achieve near net shapes in metal. Silicone is a very useful material that can be printed with the RoVaPaste - it will result in a finished object that is flexible and will tolerate very high temperatures. It could be used to make bouncy balls, or custom shaped gaskets that are water tight, or the tire part of a wheel for an R/C car. Other very useful material that can be printed with this machine would be plaster, which can be painted, glazed and fired, or to make molds for casting.

What type of materials can you print?

Basically anything that you can put in a syringe. The machine accepts 60ml luer lock syringes and full caulking tubes that are commonly available from hardware stores. In addition we’ve tested the following materials for compatibility with the RoVaPaste:

Inedible: Silicone, Gypsum, clay, epoxy, drywall compound, glues, wood putty, oozeq, Polyurethane, shaving cream, toothpaste, solder paste, solder mask, conductive ink

Edible: We’ve tested icing/frosting, Nutella, chocolate brownie batter (we’ve even cooked the brownies on the bed!), ice cream, chocolate, peanut butter, marshmallow, jam, honey, ketchup, mustard, cream cheese, nacho cheese

Remember these items are just what we have tried so far.  The list is truly endless!  You can print with almost anything! The syringe and tube and nozzle are plastic and inexpensive to replace, and easy to replace, and designed to be replaced for easy cleanup. So you never worry about wrecking your printer. You can start playing the Will It Printgame. The point is that if you run out of material you can literally go to the 7-11 @ midnight, and buy 20 different materials there for very little money that you can extrude with this printer!!!  And because there is no heat they are safe enough for children to operate.


The RoVaPaste's verified modes of operation:

Single paste: Print high resolution (100um or higher) with a single material in paste form. Use this to make super high temperature custom gaskets, or print ceramic mold for metal casting.

Dual paste: Print with 2 separate paste materials during the same print. Allows mixing of epoxies and foams. Or print brownies and ice them all in the same print!

Filament: While in filament mode the printer gains many of the operating modes of it’s big brother the RoVa3D such as:

Epic resolution: The RoVa3D can produce extremely high surface finish for incredibly highly detailed work. The Maximum resolution of each layer is 1 thousandth of an inch! The surface finish is so smooth only an expert can tell it’s 3D printed!

Ultrafast printing: Our maximum printing speed is 3X faster than our competition. Really big prints that can fit on our 1002 cubic inch build volume happen in the same time as the minuscule prints of other printers. Our printers have quick change nozzles from .2mm all the way up to 1mm. The maximum layer height is equal to the nozzle orifice diameter which means that if you want to print super-fast then a large layer height is important. With our printers you can change the nozzles in minutes just like screwing in a light bulb!

Dual extruder with dissolvable support: In prints where support is required, such as overhangs or complex geometries, this mode allows you to print without defects for a flawless surface. In addition the printer ‘knows’ when to use the support, and high speed infill extruders, automatically. Take advantage of support material that can be dissolved with d-limonene or even hot water!

Clone Printing: Turning this feature on will let you print multiple copies of the exact same print up to five simultaneous copies of the same object in the same material or different materials for experimentation. With this feature it’s like having 2x the 3D printer in 1! It’s so fast that it approaches the speed of injection molding but unlike injection molding under-hangs and internal hollows are possible – No drafts required!


** Max Print Dimensions: 11.18" x 11.88" x 7.55"



** If you get the Dual Paste plus Dual Filament you printer will come with 2 x .5 nozzles.  We have additional nozzles for sale on our Accessories page that you can switch out as you please.

** 2 week lead time for all RoVaPaste Orders.  Adding a professional printer set up to your order will result in an additional week added to the lead time.

** Please note that duties and taxes are the responsibility of the customer, and will be charged at time of delivery.


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Warranty Information: All 100% of the 3D printer parts are warrantied against manufacturers defects for a full six(6) months! Users pay applicable shipping charges for warranty claims.