We have redefined usability, quality and performance in 3D printing. Say hello to RoVa3D.

Introducing our RoVa3D printers – the most rugged, versatile, and user-friendly desktop 3D printers on the market. Our printers are flexible, customizable and affordable, and they are the perfect solution for the hard-core industry user or the tech-savvy weekend warrior.

It’s time for you to see what our RoVa3D printers are made of. 

The RoVa3D is the first printer to include a number of industry-leading features:

  • Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy frame for rigidity and long life
  • Stainless steel gears, bearings, connectors and hardware
  • All metal pulleys for improved functionality and performance
  • All plastic parts are injected molded for improved durability
  • Extruders are side-mounted for easy access
  • Quick-release feed gears for faster filament changes
  • Insulated hot ends that are easily accessible for maintenance and monitoring

The RoVa3D is the first printer to include up to 5-nozzle capability in a single system:

  • All nozzles posses Bowden-style extruders
  • All metal hot ends capable of printing at temperatures up to 450°C
  • 3 hot ends use thermistors or accurate low to medium-temperature prints
  • 2 hot ends use thermocouples for accurate medium to high-temperature prints
  • All hot ends are liquid cooled to prevent jamming and improve performance
  • Custom nozzles in 5 sizes - .20mm, .35mm, .50mm, .70mm, and 1.00mm
  • Ability to use up to 5 different materials in the same print

The RoVa3D leads the way with:

  • High-torque stepper motors for faster, more accurate prints
  • Super-flat print surface with a 100-micron tolerance from edge to edge
  • A robust, fast-heating print bed of up to 125°C; edge to edge
  • Electronically controlled liquid cooling system that automatically engages during a print
  • Our Hi-Flo™ Technology for smoother filament flow for trouble free printing
  • AND…A 7” Android touch screen with SD card support so you can print on the fly without being tethered to the computer. Makes your print options come alive and provides the ease of use we’re all looking for!