RoVa3D Quick Start Kit

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3.00 LBS

This quick start kit is designed to keep your FDM printer running at optimum levels, all the time.

The kit includes the following:

  • Drill bits used for cleaning the nozzles and extruders
  • 2 rolls of Kapton tape to line the bed for enhanced adhesion (now replaced with 5 full bed sheets of Kapton and 5 full bed sheets of PET)
  • A wrench for adjusting the height of the feed tubes and nozzles
  • Set of all hex wrenches, used to adjust components during set-up
  • Nut driver for adjusting the level of the print bed
  • Digital caliper for measuring filament diamater
  • Razor blade scraper to remove parts from the print bed
  • Side cutters for trimming filament
  • Bed cozy - Special dust free insulation, that is placed on the bed during heat up and reduces the time to heat up by 40%

* components may vary slightly from those in picture

** If you would like to pay in Canadian Curency instead of USD please email us at and we will create an invoice for you to pay in CAD.