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Our Growing 3D Printing Team

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Embedded Systems Developer

Robert Hurley | Embedded Systems Developer

"Two and a half weeks ago today I started at ORD solutions as an embedded systems developer. 

Starting out I didn't have much experience with 3D printers in person, so I was pretty amazed when I was able to download a cube file from the web, and print it in PETG and hold the print out in my hand. 

Since then I've been printing through spools of PETG and PLA learning about all the aspects of ORD’s printers and 3D printing in general. 

Even after using and working on the printers full time for two weeks being able to design an object in Blender on the computer, and then to physically create the item still is exciting. 

It's also still a disappointment after working on a print for a while only to see it come off the print bed and become ruined.

Getting a chance to program the firmware on these machines has been a blast. Previously I was programming on android so the switch to programming on the microcontroller was a bit of a learning curve.

However my previous experience writing in OpenGl has certainly come in handy when it comes to adding new features and tweaking existing items while dealing with the three dimensions in printing. 

I can already see all the possibilities of new features I can add to make the printers easier to use and more versatile. 

Being able to work on cutting edge printers at a great company has been a great two weeks so far and I am glad to have been given the opportunity.

Moving forward, there’s lots of work that can be done here to improve the printing process at all steps and I look forward to accomplishing those changes here at ORD solutions.

Robert Hurley

Vice President

Okay so today is my turn writing for the blog. My name is Jenn, I am one of the owners of ORD Solutions and I am married to Chris (our lead architect). 

During our first Kickstarter we went back and forth about whether to share with everyone that we were married because we didn’t want people to think we were some mom and pop shop. 

Now that we have been a company for 5 years, we decided that I needed to be more publicly a part of the team, since most of our customers know me from our Kickstarter(s), Facebook, Twitter and any emails that go out. And then after our cover story on ExchangeMagazine came out, I think everyone clued in that yes, we are married, and we make a great team!

I went on mat-leave for a while which, was timed around our year trying out the distribution company. Now that they are gone, I am back full time, and I guess you can say I am the first contact person for pretty much every outlet. And because we are a small team I have some overlapping roles. From sales inquiries, marketing and advertising, to support and keeping our customers up to date on what is going on - I pretty much do it all.

I am a mother of 4 children (11, 8, 3 and almost 1). I am busy! I am able to do what I do, because I am connected all day long. I try to respond to emails right away. I see when we get messages on our social media and reply as fast as possible. I spend a lot of time going through each contact portal and making sure I haven’t missed anyone. 

I know that when I contact businesses I want a prompt response so I try my best to do just that for people contacting us. I love talking to our customers and finding out what they are doing with their RoVa3D printers from models they are printing to mods they are making to their machines. 

I may not be a 3D printing expert, but I am organized and that’s why I do what I do, so that the experts can do what they need to do. I am also a maker, and I love projects! I paint/craft, scrapbook, bake, design, build whatever I can! That is why I find 3D printing so awesome. I find it fascinating seeing Chris’ ideas become a reality as he designs a new printer, or a new part to print. 

Our kids find it exciting to go through Thingiverse and pick models to print overnight and go downstairs in the morning to find the very thing they chose the night before sitting on the print bed. Our boys are mini makers, and love all things robotics. Our daughter is a fashion designer in the making. 

We are a household of Makers. My blog posts going forward will be about what is going on within the company, and any exciting news we might have to share in regards to our upcoming 2016 Kickstarter, contests, and sales. And as always, email me if you have any questions at all about ORD Solutions - jenn@ordsolutions.com


Director Of Operations

Director of Operations, Andrew

Blog posts..... What does one write in a blog post? I have been sitting here trying to think of what to write. I guess I am supposed to tell a story of something interesting.... something that maybe someone would read to the end or even share with a friend. Well this is what I have got...I would say that I am a maker. 

I like to make as much stuff as I possibly can. I would much rather build a fence then get someone to build it for me. I would rather throw out my back laying a patio than get some company to accomplish the same. 

My wife always says to me, “You can’t build EVERYTHING!” but Why not? I think it is not about the money saved, all though that comes in handy too.... To me it is the satisfaction of completing a project and sometimes surprising myself about what we truly are able to accomplish.

I think that is why I was impressed the first time I heard Chris say he was building 3D printers. Then he said that he was going to make a better, more rigid printer that could outperform what was out there today. 

I remember challenging him to make different things on the 3D printer he built, it always surprised me the quality that he was able to achieve. I still have some of them sitting on my desk. The more prints that I saw and the conversations with Chris of the how he could improve the last printer he built, I just couldn’t help it I was hooked.

That is where my ORD Solutions journey began, or maybe journey does not describe it enough... Maybe it is more like an adventure. Yeah that is it.... ORD Solutions Adventure.... we definitely had some adventures along the way, but back I will get back to it. 

I became a regular at the Gibson household, working late into the night building printers. It took us a lot longer back then to build a single printer, than it does now to build ten. We were constantly improving from printer to printer, each new printer we would find new ways to improve. We were really on to something here. Chris has always been a forward thinking guy, when he said that we were going to build a 5 nozzle printer... the first one ever... I thought I had never seen anything like that. I mean there were 2 nozzles out there and that was a big deal but 5.... Could it be done? Why not?

We launched our first successful Kickstarter, more successful than I could have ever imagined. We accomplished our goal with the first 5 nozzle printer, and more importantly we had the support of a ton of great people supporting us with our goal.

The one thing that has impressed me the most throughout this adventure is the great customers that we have. A lot of you out there have been with us right from the start, supporting us and helping us along the way. I think that is why it made it so important to make sure that we could deliver on every single one of the printers that were pledged for, we started working as soon as we could. 

First we had to get the parts, this time for a lot more than we normally were used to building....The parts started to roll in and we quickly realized that the basement wasn’t going to work anymore. 

We moved on and started building the Kickstarter printers in our new location, with our newest addition to the team, Mike. It took us longer than we anticipated and ran into challenges along the way, but it was such an accomplishment when we sent out our last Kickstarter printer. We accomplished our goal and built a team in the process.

Well I guess I will end there. I will be back and tell you more about the ORD Adventures that we have had, and maybe about some new ones that are still ahead of us. Thanks for reading, especially if you made it all this way.


3D Printer Tech

Mike RobertsonI am excited about our blog, and for some changes we are working on. As it turns out writing in the blog daily is just not practical with my hectic schedule. 

I will still be posting at least once a week, but on top of that I thought it might be cool to let our team take turns writing as well - so you can get as much information from us as possible! 

We will cycle through Mike, Mischa, Jenn, Andrew and myself and have more frequent blog entries! That way you won't get completely sick of me either ;)

Today's entry is from our 3D Printer Technician Mike Robertson:

Good day. My name is Mike Robertson. I'm the first to join the ORD team, not counting the founders. I've been a techie since high school with a focus on electronics and robotics. 

I attended Canadore college ‎in Northbay studying in their robotics course. And took the Electronic Engineering Technician ‎program at Conestoga college.

I'm a big fan of hackaday.com because it fills my head with project ideas that I have no time ‎to build. I guess it's more of a love / hate thing :)

Hackaday introduced me to 3d printing, and from there‎ began my adventure in building them. My first attempt utilized massage chair guts to create a printer ‎3 by 3 by 3 feet. 

It was too large for my budget. My next attempt was smaller and I used scraps I had laying around, ‎from processor heat sinks, to ikea cabinet parts. It was crude but worked.

This lead me to the kwartzlab makerspace. Their tools and people helped me refine my design and opened up a new world of projects I don't have enough time for (love / hate again) using the laser and welding equipment.

I became the unofficial printer master at kwartzlab, maintaining their makerbot. This led me to seek ‎out a filament supplier and found Chris Gibson on kijiji. And upon meeting introduced him to the kwartzlab and the possibilities it offered. So he joined, and went on to do some talks at kwartzlab about 3d printing with his business partner Andrew Evershed.

Fast forward a bit and post kickstarter #1 they approached me to assist with their operation.

And I've been helping to build their printers for the last almost 2 years now.

I've offered design input, for current and upcoming models‎. And with my developing skills taking Solidworks program at Conestoga , I've begun design work of mentioned upcoming models.

So from here on my bl‎og entries will likely center around my various projects both personally and with ord, and even some collaboration of the 2. Things that will been seen are some Solidworks items. My quad copter build, and any other brain droppings from inspiration from Kwartzlab or hackaday.

Mike Robertson

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