Ninjaflex Extruder

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2.00 LBS

The 'NinjaFlex Extruder' is a dual drive gear FDM 3D printer extruder. The feed mechanism is a changeable cartridge style. This way the cartridges may be specialized for a particular material and may be changed as needed without replacing the entire extruder. As well, there is no compromising on the ideal feed mechanism for a specific material. We will be developing more cartridges over time that focus on improved print speeds and reliable extrusion for specific materials. We currently have 2 cartridges:

1. The NinjaFlex cartridge can ONLY   print NinjaFlex, SemiFlex, TPE, TPU, TPC.

2. The Generic cartridge can print rigid materials like ABS, PLA, Carbon Fiber, wood, Polycarbonate and nylon just to name a few (please note that the Generic Cartridge CANNOT print NinjaFlex or flexible materials)

It is the perfect add on to any filament based 3D Printer, like your MH3000 or RoVa3D.  It can function either as a Bowden tube style extruder, or direct drive. The feed gear cartridge allows for easy cleaning. The body is made from durable acetyl plastic, and the gears and bearings are made from stainless steel. The hole drilling template can be found on several 3d printing marketplaces. If either of the stepper options is selected then it comes with mounting screws and a quick release for 6mm tubing, otherwise is comes with only the mounting screws.

The filament feed holes are threaded M6x0.1mm. It will accept any fitting matching those threads. It can come with optional high torque 128 Nema17 stepper motor or a Mystat Coolmuscle closed loop encoded stepper motor.

Our NinjaFlex extruder is reversible, so that you can use it on either side of our MH3000 or RoVa3D or other 3D Printer.

The base price includes 1 cartridge which you may select from any of the available cartridges. Additional cartridges are an extra cost.