MH3000 - 1 Color/Material 3D Printer with Liquid Cooling - Fully assembled

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65.00 LBS

Please Note: This Product  has been replaced by the RoVa3D* SALE 5 Nozzle Printer

** Please select the number of extruders/nozzles you want by clicking on the Printer name above and choosing from the options.

This Canadian made 3D Filament Printer sports a completely redesigned frame from our BTO1001R2 for larger sized 3D Prints (80% larger than a Makerbot Replicator 2x). The entire printer is constructed from Aerospace grade aluminium and looks amazing! It's a marvel of engineering, every piece of the printer has been custom engineered from the frame, to the gears, and the electronic control board to the optical end stops. It's a work of art in itself. While our BTO1001R2 only had one single extruder nozzle, The MH3000 can have 1, 2, 3, 4, or even 5 extruder nozzles - that means you could print an object with five different colours throughout the object without stopping to switch the filament. Or you could use three of the five nozzles for different colours, one larger nozzle for faster infilling, and one for a different support material. It's up to you!  The brand new liquid cooling system keeps the temperature of the all metal hot ends electronically regulated. The printer has a heated bed, and our hot ends can withstand temperatures of up to 450 Celsius - which means there is a large variety of materials that can be printed using the MH3000.  This is a 3D Printer you want to show to your friends. The printer will fit in the space a normal 2D paper printer will fit. They come fully production ready. Even if you are not technically savvy our instructional videos will have you up and running in very little time. Our Printers are brand new, fully assembled and calibrated and are plug-n-play ready. They are built and tested in-house before being shipped. The MH3000 is very useful for rapid prototyping your ideas and inventions.

Layer height (min/max): 0.025/1.00mm 
Print resolution/accuracy: X/Y 0.010mm (10 micron), Z 0.0005mm (0.5 micron)
Print temperature: Variable between Ambient and 450 degrees C
Print Materials: PLA / ABS / Soft PLA / Nylon / Polycarbonate 
Weight: 25kg Approx (excl power supply)
Power Supply: 115V/230V, 10A/6A, 60/50 Hz (adjusts automatically)
Build volume (inches): 11.18(x) * 11.88(y) * 7.55(z) or 1002.77 cubic inches
Build volume (mm): 284.2(x) * 301.88(y) * 191.97(z) or 0.0164699 cubic metres
Footprint: 11 x 15 inches

     - Windows, Mac, or Linux computer with one available USB port
     - 3D Printer plastic filament (we sell this too)

     - Polyimide tape
     - 0.35mm drill bit
     - Extra long 2mm drill bit
     - Adjustable pliers
     - 4mm Allen key
     - Lubricating oil
     - 1/2" combination wrench (optional)
     - 10mm combination wrench (optional)
     - Feeler gauges (optional)

Plastic component color: BLACK

When specifiyin the options for your printer, you can choose the nozzle size you want. The default is 0.5mm. If you want one or more 0.35mm nozzles, they will be installed starting in position 1, then 2, then 3, etc. If you want a 0.7mm nozzle for faster infilling, this nozzle will be installed in position 5. If you want more than one 0.7mm nozzle, please e-mail us after you place your order to let us know. There is no charge for the different nozzle sizes. If you want extra nozzles, they are available under accessories.

*Ongoing support may purchased at a small additional charge

**Most of these requirements may be purchased on the ORD Solutions web store

****Warranty Information: Warranties that cover parts exclude the Aluminum plates, threaded rod, nuts, and bolts. Users pay any applicable shipping charges for any warranty claims. The printers come with a basic, three (3) month, manufacturer defect, limited warranty on parts. Extended warranties include parts covered by the basic warranty, and any labor cost for ORD Solutions to fix the printer, for the purchased period of time. Any and all warranty will be null and void if the user attempts to modify the printer or opens the electronics cover without written consent from ORD Solutions.