• "It was just launched on Kickstarter late last week, has already been completely funded, and is now homing in on the first of several exciting stretch goals. ORD Solutions first FDM 3D printer was already amazing and their new 3D printer still manages to improve upon it." June 2014 - 
  • "This printer compares very favorably to others on the market today, with a price per feature ratio that blows away their competitors. This is, without a doubt, one of the higher quality 3D printers on the market today." - June 2014. 
  • Our 3D Printer has been described as an “industry leading” 5 nozzle 3D Printer. - June 2014.
  • "The RoVa3D is not just a FDM printer with more nozzles. It is a superior printing platform in every way." Geeky Gadgets - June 2014. 
  • "This is an Ontario Based company that has a fantastic product!! I’ve been following their Kickstarter campaign from its beginning and I’d recommend them to anyone looking to buy a 3D printer." - Alan C.
  • "This printer is AMAZING, so far ahead of its time, like they have liquid cooling and 5 print heads!" - Adam
  • "All I can say is WOW this printer is what it is all about!" - Alex W.
  • "I ran across and immediately fell in love with your 5 head printer at the recent Buffalo Mini Maker Faire. It's exciting to see a Canadian company (yes I am Canadian of course) with such a fantastic, innovative and quality product". - Charles L.



  • "What we are most impressed by is the option provided by ORD Solutions for you to customize the Print Nozzles of your Printer. Up to all 5 of your Nozzles can be geared towards color printing allowing you to print in up to 5 different colors at once." All About 3D Printing - October 2013.
  • "The eagerness from supporters establishes the belief people have in ORD and the expectations for ORD products. With five extrusion nozzles and a larger build area, the MH3000 looks to challenge other multi-coloured 3D printers. In fact, one of the selling points for the fundraiser is the comparatively low-cost projected by ORD Solutions." 3D Printing Industry - October 2013.