Update the firmware
Periodically ORD Solutions will release an update to the firmware installed on your Rova 3D FDM printer. Installing this
firmware will help your printer run at its most efficient. To install the latest firmware follow these instructions:

On Windows:
1. Download the Xloader program, which will send the firmware to the 3d printer. It can be downloaded
from Xloader1 OR  XLoader2

2. Download the latest firmware files below.
3. Run XLoader.
4. Select the firmware file from your download location.
5. Select as the device  Mega(ATMEGA2560).
6. Select the COM port you use in Pronterface to connect to the RoVa3D.
7. Set the baud rate to 115200.
8. Click Upload.
9. When finished simply close the program and print as normal.

On Linux:
port=/dev/ttyUSB0 (modify as needed for your system)
avrdude -F -p m2560 -P $port -c stk500 -U flash:w:<firmware_file.hex>

On Mac:

# install homebrew, the sane package manager for osx.

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"


ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
# install avrdude
brew install avrdude
# set port, this will probably work if you have only one usb device plugged in:
port=/dev/`ls /dev | grep tty.usbserial | head -1`
echo "port selected is $port"

# otherwise run "ls /dev | grep tty.usb" and determine which port to use.
# then:
avrdude -F -p m2560 -P $port -c stk500 -U flash:w:MH3000R1_-_5_Nozzle_-_V3.hex


Firmware Files

MH3000 OWNERS (not upgraded to RoVa's):

After uploading the latest firmware you must send the following commands to your printer in pronterface. If you fail to do so your Rova 3D FDM Printer will NOT work correctly.

1)M92 X100 Y100 Z4000 E372

2)Press 'Send' button


4)Press 'Send' button


Click here to download the Latest firmware