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My name is Gabriel. I am a CNC Programmer and Operator for the film industry...yes Hollywood. I work in a extremely fast pace industry. Literally changes happen overnight. From building Full scale structures to miniature scale. Sometimes we need to replicate gadgets, miniatures or even create some unusual ones. When I was looking for a 3D printer, I saw in Kickstarter the ORD Solutions 5 extruder 3D printer. I had never seen one with so many extruders. First, I was skeptical about it. I decided to give it a try, so I went ahead and pledged. Once I received it, I couldn't wait to open the box and see it. I think it's one of the best decisions I've done. With an amazing print volume and a choice of five different choices of material or colors to print at a same time, it takes it to the top of the game. It really makes my job a lot easier. I can run it overnight without worrying. It's very sturdy and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend buying one.

-Gabriel Hernandez, California USA

I have been using the ORD RoVa3d Printer for over a year now, and being in the inventive design industry for many years with many patents to my name. I only wish I had this printer years earlier, it would have saved me much time in testing designs. I have a SLA plastic printer and numerous CNC machines; I have virtually parked them in favour of this printer for initial conceptual design and testing purposes of items. ORD with a sturdy design, a well done cooling system and multi filaments has produced just what I need as an inventor to speed concepts to my customers…well done! I purchased my machine in the original kickstarter days, despite setbacks on the delivery I feel it was well worth the wait. I look forward to other modifications and inventions they may bring out in the future.

- Barry Bauman, BarryCo Technologies Inc, Ontario, Canada


I’ve been working with the RoVa3D for several months now and am pleased with its performance. The upgraded CoolMuscle stepper motors result in the printer running nearly silently and I often have it running in my office while I’m here and I hardly notice it’s running. The five nozzles and high temperature extruders provide excellent utility but cause the printer to be a bit more challenging to operate than your average hobby printer. However, the ORD support staff has been excellent at troubleshooting issues I’ve had and working with me to overcome my challenges (Thanks James!).

– George, Dulles, VA


I originally chose this printer for the 5 nozzle configuration.  I did have some reservations about how it would print but after receiving it all of those were put to rest.  There is a learning curve, as is with any printer, however these were over come very fast.  Support for the printer is incredibly responsive and thorough!  I love how smooth this printer prints!  It is whisper quiet (with the cool muscle motor upgrade) and after just a week after receiving this beast of a printer I am producing quality prints!  This is definitely my flagship printer!

– Chris Hajdik, Texas, USA


A Solid Machine for Serious Work - I am an inventor/entrepreneur specializing in spatial measurement, using machine vision and mechatronics.  I am constantly building rapid prototypes, mounts, brackets, complex geometric shapes etc. and owning a 3D printer dramatically increases the pace that I can operate and also expands my abilities tremendously.  I can go from an idea to a physical part at an unbelievable speed.  Having this technology sitting beside me on my desk top is a real game changer.  I now use the printer ten times as often as I use my CNC mill.

I have previously purchased and then returned a different manufacturer's 3D printer that did not meet my needs, and then I found the RoVa3D.  The ORD printer is not a toy!  It has the quality, solid construction with steel and aluminum, accessibility and flexibility that I need so I can concentrate on my inventions.  I don't have to waste time worrying if my printer will actually complete the print.   I recommend this machine to all my business peers.

- Steve Leis, Waterloo, Ontario


I use the printer as a hobbyist. I've used it to make countless project boxes. It gave me the motivation to learn 3D design. I mostly model things on Sketchup. I've even been able to take some ideas I had and turn them into working models. I've even been able to fix a few things around the house that otherwise would have turned into trash. We have a baby gate at the bottom of a staircase that broke. I was able to make the replacement part to repair it. The gate also liked to swing closed all the time so I made a magnetic catch that holds it to the wall. I'm also a home brewer of beer and I enjoy trying beers from all over the world. I had this huge collection of bottle caps from this that I turned into magnets with a part I 3D print to space the cap away from the surface just right and to hold the magnet in place. That was the first thing I designed and made myself on the printer and it worked first try. The most recent thing I've fixed with it was an Ab Rocket my mother-in-law broke. It had poorly designed brackets which eventually failed. I modeled them in 3D and beefed them up where the design was weak. It's only been a few days but so far the machine works again.

On a side note. The machine got me into coding more. I was able to see there were some features I wanted that were not provided in the initial firmware which I incorporated into my own custom firmware.

The biggest benefit I saw was the responses I got from you early on when I needed help. ORD provided such excellent customer service.

I have since picked up another printer. The new one is a Delta style printer. It is air cooled but the air cooled part is not nearly as good as the liquid cooling ORD has. That is clear.

Would I recommend this printer to others? Absolutely! The ORD printer is robust. The liquid cooling is by far way better than air cooled. The all metal hot end allows you to use nearly every kind of filament. I have not tried ninja flex at all so I cannot speak for that. Some of the exotic filaments require a different bed surface but that's true for every printer.  The biggest thing that I've seen to look for is a robust frame. ORD has a very strong frame. No flex at all. The accuracy of the print is excellent also. I printed once at .050mm and it turned out excellent.  The new features the printer has are great. The lighting really helps to monitor the printing, it's my favorite part. I really like the tablet because it lets me print without a computer tethered to the printer. The fact it syncs with Dropbox makes transferring files simple.  The enclosure makes the printer take up a huge amount of space and makes working on the printer much more difficult. That was expected. The door is a bit cheesy in how it closes but I made a spacer to help with that which holds the door closed without much wiggling around. I have to say the ORD printer can do everything, if not more, than other printers on the market. The build volume is huge. It also just looks sexy. I added red coolant so it looks even better now.

- Tim H, South Charleston, WV, USA


I am a hobbiest. I have basic skills in electronics and woodworking. I love to do home repair and home renovations. I always have a couple of projects on the go, and an ever growing list of projects I would like to do. My RoVa3D printer has changed my way of planning projects. Is a cable too short? Not if I mount this to the wall. I can't add another hose? I can if I make a custom funnel. My kids love it, too! Adding or replacing lost pieces to their favorite toys, or re-inventing games like making bowling pins for the shuffleboard table. I am finding projects not so far out of reach, now. It used to be impossible to create my own prototypes for toys or games. It used to be impossible to even consider building an arcade game. Now the doors are wide open!


 I recommend this printer because it is open source and user serviceable. The customer service is amazing from day one! Whenever I look into a purchase, I look at the availability of parts, the detail of the user manual, the accessibility of materials and the customer service. This printer has it all! This company is invested in its customers.


-Katherine B, USA


My MH3000R1 is hands down an excellent printer. Being one of the first batch it took a bit to nail everything thing down but ORD helped us through it. All issues were handled quickly. Communication during the kickstarter campaign and after ensured we were all in the loop at all times. I will be backing R2. If you are new to 3D printing stop waiting, back ORD. Forget Makerbot, this is so much better!  You guys did a fantastic job on my printer!  I really feel it is the best one in this price range."

- T.H, USA


I received my MH3000 a couple of weeks ago. The online pictures do not do justice to the quality of the materials used and the well-conceived design. It is almost all metal, 5mm, laser cut aluminum. Looking at online pictures.   All of the motors are heavy duty and all of the gears are metal. The end stops for the opto-sensors are all metal and designed to stay put once adjusted. The build plate is metal and designed to stay true once adjusted. The x and y belt tensioners are uniquely well designed and heavy duty.  The water cooling system is well designed and more than adequate to cool five hot ends. Dealing with multiple extruders is always a challenge to fine tune and configure but considering the excellent design and build quality once it is configured properly it will stay that way for a long time. Early prints look great. Outside walls line up perfectly.

 - Ralph F, Wynnewood, PA, USA


I'm very happy with the mechanical construction of the printer and the accuracy and reliability of the XYZ positioning system. It seems to me that achieving this build volume with 5 extruders -- while keeping the overall printer as small as it is - represents a significant accomplishment.

 – Greg S, Toronto, ON, Canada‚Ä®


This is an Ontario Based company that has a fantastic product!! I’ve been following their Kickstarter campaign from its beginning and I’d recommend them to anyone looking to buy a 3D printer.

- Alan C.

I ran across and immediately fell in love with your 5 head printer at the recent Buffalo Mini Maker Faire. It's exciting to see a Canadian company (yes I am Canadian of course) with such a fantastic, innovative and quality product.

- Charles L.


This printer compares very favorably to others on the market today, with a price per feature ratio that blows away their competitors. This is, without a doubt, one of the higher quality 3D printers on the market today.

- 3DPrint.com June 2014