In November 2013 we launched the Kickstarter for our 5 Color/Material 3D Printer.  We called it the MH3000.  (MH standing for Multi Head, we aren't even sure where the 3000 came from!).  This name however just doesn't tell enough about the product.

Now that we have printers out there and have had feedback we have made some pretty awesome changes/additions to the printer to make it that much cooler, and we are excited to announce that this summer we will be launching Version 2 of the MH3000 on Kickstarter!

This is where you come in! Tell us your thoughts and ideas on how we can bring this product to life through a name. We invite you to enter the "RENAME OUR PRINTER" contest.  To get your creative juices going, you can learn more about the MH3000 Version 1 Here!

And the best part is the winner of the contest will win a Version 2 of the 5 Color/Material with Liquid Cooling 3D Printer (valued at $2599.99 USD)!!  How's that for motivation?

The Kickstarter launch date will be announced during the contest, and the winner of the naming contest will be announced the day we launch.

How to Enter:

1. Fill out the contact us section on or send an email to and let us know what we should rename our printer. You can submit as many name ideas as you would like! Make sure to put NAME CONTEST as your subject between June 06 and June 20 at 9pm EDT to be eligible.

2. If you have Twitter, you must follow us on twitter @ORDSolutions

3. If you have Facebook, you must like us on Facebook

4. Must post on your social media.

** We must be tagged when posting on Twitter and/or Facebook.

** Please post the below message on whichever social media you have Twitter AND/OR Facebook:

ON TWITTER: “I just entered the ‘RENAME OUR PRINTER’ contest to win a 5 Color/Material 3D Printer from @ORDSolutions #crowdfunding #3dprinting"

ON FACEBOOK (it should bring up a drop down menu to tag us when you begin typing @ordsolutionsinc): “I just entered the ‘RENAME OUR PRINTER’ contest to win a 5 Color/Material 3D Printer from"