3D Printing Saves The Day

Posted by ORD on 26th Jul 2017

I'm always looking for real world examples of why everyone needs a 3D Printer. Well here's one: My son broke or lost the supports that came with his Generic Thomas train table so I designed these 3D printable ones. It took 2 tries. Rev A broke very easily. For Rev B I added thicker walls and fillets, and now they are quite strong.


I used Solidworks to design this piece. There is symmetry between the left and right sides I made the base, extruded the pedestal, then used a loft to create the flare at the top, then a revolve to get the 4 semi circles on the left and then mirrored them to the right. Piece of cake!

They are an exact fit for the old ones. Now to put the track back together for the 10,000,000th time...

Train Track Piece printed on a RoVa3D