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3D Printing Can Be Dangerous

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So a word to the wise: 3D printing can be dangerous! I was printing half a cylinder on my RoVa3D for a friend. The intention was to assemble the 2 halves afterwards but because the wall was so thin, and had so little surface area, the edges were curling up. 

I did what anyone would do in that situation, I added a raft in Simplify3D. That worked great for keeping the part stuck to the print bed and eliminated the warping but I had to take it off afterwards. 

I thought 'I'll just rip this raft off. I'm too tough to need gloves...' even though I knew better....well when I pulled the raft a piece broke off and the resulting edge was knife sharp which edge cut 2 of my fingers pretty deep. 

The funny part is that as I gave the 2nd half to my friend I said "Make sure you wear gloves and glasses when you remove the raft". 

Later he told me that he too cut one of his fingers badly because he didn't follow my advice.The moral of the story: If you are going be breaking rafts off your 3D printed parts ALWAYS wear safety glasses and gloves.

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