About Us

ORD Solutions - the leader in object replication and design. We are one of the top innovation-driven 3d printing companies in Canada with our sights set on pushing the envelope of 3D printing capabilities. Our goal is to deliver on such technological advancements that we continuously redefine how 3D printing is considered in the Additive Manufacturing space.

We sell, support, and service 3D printers. We also offer on-site training for 3D printing systems. We sell 3D printers, filaments, accessories, and consumables to a worldwide market. Our 3D printers are manufactured in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Our products are targeted at businesses that want rapid prototyping capabilities and small production run manufacturing.

Our products are also in demand by educational institutions, and serious hobbyists, commonly known as “Makers.”

Our business took off after our first Kickstarter in 2013 when we had the idea to develop the most dynamic, fastest, durable and quite frankly . . . the best 3D printer in Canada and the world.

We looked at the landscape and decided to leap past the competition by developing our exclusive, liquid cooled, 5-Extruder, multi-material print head technology.

Our R&D team is working on the next generation of 3D printers, and future parallel technologies, that are set to revolutionize the additive manufacturing industry.



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