3D Printers for Schools

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It just makes sense to put Canadian 3D printers in Canadian schools. Our 3D printers are designed by Canadians, made in Canada, and supported from Canada. For the past six years ORD Solutions has been the leader in Canadian made 3D printers. We are an innovation-driven company with our sights set on pushing the envelope of 3D printing capabilities. We believe that the future success of Canadian business depends on the students of today, and they need cutting edge tools so that they can compete on a world wide stage. That is why we want to get a 3D printer into every school in Canada.


Is this the best value for my money?

Absolutely! Our educational discount is 4 times more than any other 3D printer on the market.

Is the 3D printer safe for my high school students?

We are CSA safety standard approved and we are safer then any other printer. Our competitors may have the CSA stamp but children can still put their hands onto moving components and hot parts. We have the only 3D Printer with a locking enclosure. The teacher has the key to unlock the printer. As well on our RoVa3D printer the PLA filament melts below 200 C, which means no VOC’s!

What can we do with it?

3D Printing is revolutionizing the classroom. There are so many uses for it!   In grade school students can print out math manipulatives, gears and robots for science, shapes and blocks for building, or they can design their very own objects and see them come to life before them.

For high school level Biology students can study cross sections of hearts or other organs. Chemistry students can print out complex molecules to study. Engineering students can print modified car or robot parts. Geography students can print out topography, population or demographics of an area. History classes can print artifacts for closer examination.

Graphic design students can create prototypes or product designs. Your students can make everything from 3d printed ABC’s to cellular mitosis diagrams. The possibilities are endless.

Is it durable—will it survive use from thousands of students?

Our printers are made of solid aircraft grade metal, they are constructed to commercial quality standards. They will withstand many years of use from tens of thousands of students. Our printers are built to last.

What kind of warranty does the printer have?

We have an industry leading one year warranty that covers the entire printer, and world class support for as long as you own the product. On site support is also available. Our printers are so well constructed they vary rarely break down, are easy to work on, and are very reliable. We have support videos, and a manual which makes it easy for teachers to keep the printer maintained.

Is it kid friendly/easy to use?

The printers come fully assembled and calibrated from the factory. The automatic bed levelling, print layer cooling fan, and quick start guide means that anyone young or old will be a 3D Printing expert in no time. For teachers we have an online course so that they can be certified for use of the printer.

Does it come with everything I need?

Your printer comes with a safety enclosure, all necessary tools, pre-applied kapton tape on the print bed, and two spools of filament so that you have everything you need to start printing right away!


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Are you a school, library, science centre, museum or makerspace?  Do you want your students/visitors to explore the world of 3D Printing? Are you considering bringing our RoVa3D Printers into your classroom or lab?

 If you answered YES – we would love to work with you by giving you:


 20% OFF:

Regular priced 3D printers

Safety Enclosures

Extra Nozzles

Quick Start Kits

Wireless Controller


10% OFF:

 All motor upgrades

Ninjaflex Extruder Upgrades


In addition to our awesome discounts we will provide you with life time priority support, free filament, and we will extend your warranty from 6 months to 1 year.  If you are local we also offer training and set up at your location.

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